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A butter is a food that is literally spread, generally with a knife, onto food items such as bread and crackers. Butters are added to food to enhance the flavor or texture of the food, which may be considered bland without it. Our Almond and Peanut Butters are prepared in a paste style.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

With its maximum fatty acid content of 0,6%, our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has a full-bodied, fruity taste which is a charecteristic of South Aegean Region. You may notice the fragrance of freshly cut grass in the first sniff, followed by a fruity aroma of fresh almonds.

Carob Extract

As carob extract, contains 3 times more calcium than milk, it can be consumed daily. It enchances the taste as sauce on top of cakes, pancakes, salad, pasta and even on ice cream. Alternatively it  can be mixed with milk, a very healthy way to make children love milk.


Marmalade is generally distinguished from jam by its fruit peel. Marmalade is a fruit preserve made from the juice and peel of fruits. The preferred fruits for our marmalade production is unique Datca region product. Their high pectin and vitamin content set readily to the thick consistency expected of marmalade. The peel imparts a bitter taste.

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